Problem with an order:

If you are not happy for any reason please let us know ASAP

We will do everything we can to make the customer happy

There are some rules:

1) If you have an issue let us know right away. If you wait a few weeks, it is impossible for us to believe that the problem was a manufacturing issue and not a usage issue

2) We do not accept returns, just send us pictures of the issue and we will get you a replacement

Delivery Timelines:

We do everything in our power to always be on time

We estimate 7-14 business days for all orders

Bulk Orders:

We get a lot of questions regarding bulk orders

Yes we do bulk

Yes we are fast


If you are not happy we will refund your money!


If you show us why you're unhappy with our product we will give you your money back

Privacy Policy:

We do not store your credit card information

We will not distribute your e-mail or names

Any information that we collect to help you will stay with us if we need to retain that information

We keep client design information as well as content and quantities